Adjusting speed of home page slider



Is there a way to slow down the slider on the home page? Since we’re using including captions there isn’t a lot of time for people to read them before the image changes to the next slide.

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Will add the option this week.


Option added in v2.16 of page speed.
You have to delete SRS and install again after updating the theme.


Thanks, Satish, and sorry I didn’t get back to you about this sooner.

I’ve updated the theme and deleted and reinstalled SRS, and I see there’s now an option to adjust the speed under ‘customize’. However, changing this doesn’t seem to affect the slider speed.

I noticed that SRS is listed as having an update (2.2.4) but I can’t track this update down on the Page Speed website - the link to it brings up a 404 message, and the only version I could find was the previous one. Could you post a link to the new version please?

Thanks again for your help.


Not sure what happened. Uploaded v2.2.4 to members area again.


Thanks - works very well now.