AdSense ads and ads not showing up


Hi Satish,

I have installed the plugin. When I use simple text I can see it in desktop, mobile and amp. But When I add sat adsense code or ad code, it don’t show up ads.

Kindly help me in this.

Thanks Sunil


Hi @sunilchavan
Is ad serving enabled for your account?
Sometimes Adsense takes up to on hour to serve ads to new ad units and pages.
Try putting the ad code in default WordPress text widget and tell me if you can see the ads.



Yes, Ads are enabled, I can see ads added by other plugins. ads added by this plugin are not visible especially on AMP Pages.


What do you mean especially on AMP pages?
Are they visible on regular pages?

Share your blog url.
In the reply box under settings icon, there is an option called whisper to share privately.



This is my blog- Blog.

I have added two ads for AMP, I am attaching screenshots. If I add simple html or text it shows up, but when I add ad code it doesn’t show up.


I can see the ad.


Hi Guys,

I’m having the same problem. I can’t see any of the ads showing up and AdSense has been live on my site for 3 days.

I’ve added my AdSense code and enabled all placements. Tested on a few different computers and still nothing showing up. Any insight as to what may be the problem would be really helpful.

My site is I’m pulling my hair out!!

Thanks in advance!


You are using the wrong ad code. Choose a fixed size or responsive ad unit.