An impressive theme with awesome support!


Hello Everyone (both existing users & the potential customers :slight_smile:

We would like to share our experience of using the Page Speed Pro theme. It happened to caught attention through a facebook group and we cherish that moment that we discovered it! We started using it only few months back and only thing which we feel bad about is not knowing about the theme before that.

Though reluctant to change theme as most of the webmasters are (especially with a established website where you invested months and years of efforts) but the decision to try this was really good one. We are currently using it for our website β€œ” an education website focusing on Urban Planning, Data Presentation & Analysis, GIS Software. We will try to keep it short and to the point, so here you go:


  1. Does everything it says, and best at improving the load speed!
  2. Simple to use and configure
  3. Awesome support! We really hate chatting to chatbots and dumb customer service agents as it take hours to get some sensible person to address your concern.
  4. Easy Ad inserter - A free plugin which we discover with this theme deserves a mention here as it fulfills the most basic and some advance requirement when you need to place ads. Ads can be put separately for mobile & desktop version.
  5. Frequent updates which actually adds useful features
  6. Price! No matter how big a company is but everyone loves to save the last $$$ :slight_smile:


  1. Updates at times are just too frequent, this is not much of an issue as long as theme is working fine with each update.
  2. Nothing significant till now (we really hope nothings adds to the cons list :p)

Keep Up the good work!


Hi Shubham,
Thanks for sharing your experience with PageSpeed. Glad you like it :slight_smile:
Agree on the updates being too frequent.
With PageSpeed out of its beta status, and just a few main features remaining, updates won’t be that frequent now.