Any clues on adding a serach function for my site on the header menu

G’day there all,

I’m running Page Speed on my personal website

I would like to change the dropdown menu background from gray to white and add a search feature ot my site. any chance I can “do” that?


Hi @dawnwiener,
For drop down color change add this to user css in customiser

.nav ul li:hover,
.nav ul ul li{
.nav ul li:hover a,
.nav ul ul li a{

Search option in header is only available in the paid version. You can check our plans & pricing here

Hi there,

thanks for that … Two questions: I’m currently considering buying your theme but before I do I wish to try for a month to see all works as expected. so I tried downloading the try pro for free option for a month and can’t find instructions on how to enter the site license into the existing theme. How do I do that?

Second question: The customised css you have given me works for the drop down colur but not the main menu part of the dropdown. Please see for the evidence that the dropdown isn’t fully working.

  1. You have to delete the current version you have and upload the pro version.

  2. Replace earlier code with this

    .nav li:hover a{background:#fff}

    .nav li:hover,
    .nav ul ul li{
    .nav ul li:hover a,
    .nav ul ul li a{

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