Auto re-newed - No license dsplayed, old one disabled

Topic says it all.


Hey Satish, still waiting for an answer. Need a license and I’ve already renewed.

@artmuns Mine was also auto-renewed, but expired in two weeks from today. I went to Appearance -> PageSpeed -> Activation and clicked “Activate” next to the license key. It now says “Your license key is valid and expires in 12 months”

I had already checked and seen that I had a license valid until next year (2021).

I used to run a child theme, and when I switched back to the main theme it told me there was an update available, which I did.

@fthirud, License auto activates and updates will work, but you have to click on activate to get the latest expiry date after renewal.

Artmuns issue was resolved over email, his license was disabled for some reason.