Comment form on top

Hi everyone. How can I have the comment form box on top of the comments. I’ve tried messing with comments.php but I should screwed it up Any ideas?

Try moving these 10 lines from 72-82 on comments.php to line 21

// If comments are closed and there are comments, let's leave a little note, shall we?
if ( ! comments_open() && get_comments_number() && post_type_supports( get_post_type(), 'comments' ) ) :

	<p class="no-comments"><?php _e( 'Comments are closed.', 'page-speed' ); ?></p>

$args               = array();
$args['class_form'] = 'comment-form cf';
comment_form( $args );

Thank you, but it didn’t work. My site got very skinny lol.