Distortion in thumbnails


I’m very happy with my Page Speed installation generally but just had a question about the thumbnail generation.

The way the thumbnails load in the preview and live site doesn’t bear any obvious relation to the size that’s specified in the customiser. I’ve tried changing the size of the thumbnails using the customiser, but no matter what I do they always look a bit distorted in the live site and preview.

For example, if I set the thumbnails at 100x100 pixels, they don’t load as square. They’re even more distorted in the mobile version.

I wonder could this be because the original thumbnails were generated by the old theme that I’ve just replaced with Page Speed? If so, can anything be done about it?

Thanks for your attention. I can pm you a link if you’d like to see the site.

Did you install the dynamic thumbnails plugin from the recommended plugins section?
If yes and you still have problems, please pm. Your site url.

Thanks, Satish. I tried installing Dynamic Plugins but got a message saying it was already installed and active. But it isn’t showing up on the plugins page. Odd. I’ll pm you the site’s url.

If you are using masonry layout, you should set thumbnail width close to or equal to the column width.

If you want the image to be small and not stretch, then add this to user css

.plural .post-thumbnail img{width:auto!important}

That did it - thanks very much!

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