Export/import theme options, or equivalent?


Thanks for this theme!

I manage a large WP site and am planning to revamp it using Page Speed. I’m working on a stripped-down test version at the moment so as to avoid having to import all the data from the live site.

I wonder if there’s a way for me to export only the parts of the test site database that are affected by the theme and upload them to the live site (some themes have an option in their settings called ‘import/export theme options’, which does this job). This would save me a lot of time and bother as I wouldn’t have to download and then re-upload the entire WP site when the revamp goes live.

Thanks for your attention!

That’s a planned feature, but we don’t have it at this time.
If you want, I can do this manually for you.

Belated thanks for your reply! I ended up installing the ‘Customizer export/import’ plugin, which speeded things up quite a bit. I just had to reconfigure the menus and widgets, which didn’t take long.

I to use that plugin. Convenient and simple.

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