Flash Not Working within PSP Theme

I’m using Page Speed Pro Version: 1.52 at https://vac-u-clamp.com

My client wants to display a flash video.

Here’s the page with the video within the Page Speed Pro theme:
The second page does not work.

If i just the same flash code within a plan HTML page outside of the theme using the same code the flash works.
See http://vac-u-clamp.com/video/

Both pages use this html:

It appears the theme is somehow affecting the flash.

Note - the second flash page should look like this - not a blank page

Thanks for your help …


Hi, Sorry for the delay in getting back.

I can see the flash video working on this

I have to click the enable flash player button, but that is the case with both the pages.

  • Ensure that there is absolutely no space between your embed code and the surrounding text/html.
  • If you are using a pagebuilder, then put the embed code in a custom html widget instead of text.

The key is to not have it wrapped inside a paragraph tag.

Thanks for the reply Satish.

The issue is on the second page.

I think the issue is that the .swf files need to be in the same directory as the page.

I understand your issue now. I try to replicate this on my side and find a solution.