Google webmasters reporting breadcrumb problems

Howdy Satish,

All three of my sites are using Pagespeed.

As of Friday Sept 13 all pages were reporting breadcrumb errors. Pagegrab below from google webmasters.

I request a test of the live URL for individual pages and the same result comes back.

Image below.


And the errors appear on the same date and cover all posts and pages.


Which version are you in? It was fixed sometime back.

HI Satish,

2.31 on my main site. As you say … that version shows the problem as being dealt with but webmasters didn’t agree.

The other two sites were on older versions - updated then spot tested a couple of urls on Google webmasters and it works fine. Revalidating now

The main site was updated some time ago. I’ll have to pull the Yoast breadcrumbs I added three days ago and start up the theme ones again when I have some time.

Thanks Satish

On one

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