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How do I hide sidebar on certain single posts (not all posts)? I want the main content to be 100% width on certain posts. I noticed there’s a “custom css” section for posts, what’s the custom CSS i should add there to hide sidebar and stretch the content to be 100% width?

if not custom CSS, is there another way?

is it possible to select a specific layout at post level?


Using CSS won’t be the best way to do it.
I will see if can provide that option as a standard.


ok. please let me know if you find a solution. thanks!


just wanted to follow up on this. thanks


It is possible. Deciding what possible layouts we should allow.
Should be ready in a couple of days.


ok great. thanks. please let me know when update is ready. appreciate it.


Published v2.24 on members area.
Try it out and let me know.
It’s not 100% for now, will add the width option over the weekend.


looks like that worked. and yes, a width option would be great, looking forward to that. thanks!

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