Import The Leaf demo content?


I like the layout of the Leaf Demo (

Is there a way to import this demo into our Page Speed pro theme, then adapt it to our needs?



I found the documentation here:

As a follow up question, what is the best way to remove the Leaf Demo styling & content if it doesn’t meet our needs?


Leaf adds only a single page. You can delete the page.
Unfortunately there no way to reset the options.


So what is the best way to start again?

I want to remove the styling added by The Leaf, but can’t track down all the settings. What’s the best way to start again?


One of the main changes I want to make is the background colour (from Purple to White), but I can’t see where this is set after installing The Leaf. It doesn’t seem to be set in the Customize options, but in it’s own CSS?

I can’t seem to override it in the Customize options, but need to add custom CSS to get the colours that I want. Is there a better way to do this?


It is coming from Override SCSS variables.
Clear that, and you should be able to set the header color from the colours panel.

It should have been set in the colours panel to start with. My mistake.

How to clear override SCSS variable?
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