Is your plugin supporting amp auto ads


Google Adsense has launched amp auto ads so I wanted to know if there’s a way to implement them using your Plugin


Enable AMP ads from the settings page and insert the AMP auto ads code on the homepage and on single posts and pages in any one ad location.



Google Adsense gives us two codes so I am not sure if you gave above reply with that mind.

Gives us two codes of amp auto ads

So which goes where and where please?


Both go in the same place, but auto ads code should be used in only one location per page.

That is once on homepage/archives and once on single post/page.


Not sure if I understood this. Google provides two pieces of code for AMP auto-ads: one that should go to the and another one that should go to the . How/where should I paste these two pieces of code in your plugin?


The auto amp ads should be on the page at least once, doesn’t matter where.
So it can go in any one of the place per page.


Thanks. I still don’t see auto ads in my AMP page (I see it on regular mobile pages), so it may be because I am doing something wrong or because it takes a few days to start showing it.

Should I paste this whole code?

The “script” part is the one that Google recommends to paste to the “head” of the page.


Header scripts doesn’t work with auto ads currently.
That might be the issue.
If your AMP plugin has a provision to insert scripts in header, you should use that.
Else, wait for the plugin update.