Landing page template footer removal

I’m using a landing page template in Pagespeed but want to kill the footer except for terms link. This would be only for this one page. Best way?

Check this on the page edit screen.

Thanks Satish, missed that under “Misc.” Best way to add a link in that footer now that the widgets are hidden?

Never mind. I’ll just use it in the page itself.

Then they won’t be on every page of the site. There are two ways to achieve it

  1. Don’t disable footer widgets, and use only one column. In there use the text widget to place your links.
  2. Use the copyright option. You can have anything there, not just copyright text.

One more thing. I am using the Landing Page template and checked Hide post/page title but title is still showing here

It is working. Please check again, if it is really a problem then share your wp login.

The title “Quiz Music Licensing” is still showing even though I have checked “Hide post/page”. Are you saying you are not seeing the title “Quiz Music Licensing”?

Sorry. This particular template seems to have a problem, will fix it and release an update today.

It’s taken care in v2.13. Sorry for the trouble.

No problem Satish. Thanks for the quick update!

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