Problems with ad size Adsense

I made the suggested changes to Autooptimize but my pages are acting weird, with formatting problems, particularly in Adsense ads and images. From time to time they ignore margins and print all over the page. When I refresh, they come back to the right place


I can’t reproduce the problem on your site. Is it still there?

No, I de-activated AutoOptimize to test if that was the source of problem. Apparently it is. I will re activate and will let you know as soon as I do it.

My new hosting, SiteGround, apparently has their own optimization solution (SG Optimizer) installed in Wordpress. So I don’t know if it makes sense to install AutoOptimize or not.

Can you share your autoptimze settings screen?

I have re-activated autooptimizer and the problem return.

Autooptimize also seems to affect the size of images on my homepage, particularly in mobile. Images should be 100% in width but they are appearing smaller than that.

Please share your WordPress plugin through helpdesk in members area, I will have a look.

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