Removing search from mobile menu?

Hi Satish,

I turned off Search for the Primary menu using the customise settings, but there is still a search showing in the mobile menu version of the primary menu. How do I remove the search for the mobile menu too?

CustomizePage Screenshot_20190906-185412


There is no such option at this time.
Give me couple of days.

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Started work on it, should be done by EOD. Will send you a copy via email.
Are there any other options you would like with respect to mobile?

Sent you the latest version.

Wow! Great thanks for that! Will that be rolled into future releases? Or is it just a custom one?

It will be in future releases. I just don’t have enough time to test it.
You are on my testing team now :wink:

Haha okay! :sweat_smile:

I have installed the version that you provided, and tried it on a few different mobile browsers.

I works successfully on Firefox for Android… but that’s all.

It doesn’t seem to work for Chrome for Android, or Safari for iOS (i.e. The search is still present). (I’ve clear the caches etc etc for those browsers.)
Screenshot_20190912-080344 Screenshot_20190912-083426 5af6715e49beaee0f7af

I’ve also noticed 2 issues that happen sporadically:
These were also occurring on the previous version (v2.24) that we had installed as well.

  1. The menu hamburger icon is missing

  2. The mobile menu displays blank (with no menu options available)

Unfortunately, I can’t see any obvious reasons for these two issues.

I checked on my iPhone in safari & chrome. Works as expected.
Please try in private mode to eliminate caching issues.

Will look into the other two issues.

Hmm I’ve tried it on Chrome incognito & Firefox incognito on Android, tried clearing cache from Chrome Android again, used different networks (mobile/wifi/vpn to the same country as our host), and tried BrowserStack (ios & android). Every time it gets a search box.

Are you checking our website? ( Or your own test?
Also are there any settings that I need to turn off or on?

I’ve rolled back to v2.27 while we continue building our site.

I think getting the mobile menu consistently showing is the thing that we’d like the most. I’ve had a look at another website using Page Speed theme (, and it seems to be affecting that website too.

Hi @SatishGandham

Do you have a time frame for investigating the missing mobile menu?

We are planning to launch our website next week, so are working on the finishing touches.
Your assistance with that issue would be really helpful!


I’m unable to reproduce the issue. I will check on some more devices, but can’t promise.

Just pushed v2.30, please give it a try.

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