Renaming "Archives for"


Anyway to eliminate or rename “Archives for”?


No such option at the moment. I will be working on an update today.
Will see what I can do.


Thanks Satish, appreciate the response!


Option added in v2.16


Thanks Satish. I removed “Archives for %s” in option. If I leave “%s” it displays a directory path. Is that normal? I ended up deleting all from option and that works fine.

BTW I have a child theme so I’m never notified of update on admin. Only know if I check my Swift Themes account. Is this normal?

Thanks for the fast service!


Path thing is a bug.
I delay pushing the updates to the update server by upto a week and you always want to be on the bleeding edge!!


Can you check the %s thing again.


Yep, working great now. Must be the darn cache thing, again!

I have to paste that note to my forehead, LOL!

Thanks Satish!

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