Search bar in bottom navigation issues


Please can you point me in the place I need to go to fix the issue i am having with the main search.
I get results in full magazine mode with the images missing at the top. The image is the generic swift default image for every search result. When i click the the post it shows the image normally.

I am uncertain how to fix this .

Running wp 5.2.1

swift Version: 7.0.4




Set the thumbnail for those posts.


Thanks Satish.

Set the featured image in the post - i should have worked that out!
If I use an image of 294 x 181 it works perfectly. I tried cropping the image in the media library to the 294 x 181 and set as thumb. It still gets squashed. Is there a work around with this. I have searched the forum but did not find anything to advise me. Would changing the image size in the mag-thumbnail wp-post-image file be worth exploring as most of my images are 1:1?


Install this plugin.

It should be automatically taken care as long as the image is bigger than 294*181px


Thank you Satish.

It will work very well. Your help is appreciated