Search on mobile devices - suggestion


If it possible to add search to the mobile navigation bar, right below the menu? The current placement of search in mobiles looks pretty, but I think it’s not easy to find for a new user. (it has to scroll a bit to find it).


Which menu? Are you talking about the header with the logo?

I disagree, similar behavior is seen for the address bar on mobile browsers. People scroll a lot on mobiles, they will know where the search is.

Btw, we are revamping the mobile navigation


I would like to keep my suggestion to have search on the menu. I myself was not finding the search bar when I initially navigated and my first try was to go to the navigation menu. I now know where it is because I have to navigate on my website a lot. But normally I never look at the top of the page.


My problem with having the search there was there is not enough room (on 320px wide screens), but since the world has moved to larger devices, maybe we can accommodate it.
I will see what I can do.


The AMPfor WP plugin has a nice search bar inside the menu.


A search box and social media icons are already on our roadmap :slight_smile:


When Adsense auto ads is active, an anchor ad on top of page may cover the search bar.