Simple responsive slidee update problem

Downloaded Simple Responsive slider v.2.1.1 when installed its showing v1.1.1. Unable to update from wp dashboard.

There might have been an issue.
Delete the one you have now, and use the v2.2.2 I uploaded today.

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Installed v.2.2.2
But cldnt add images as it keep on loading🙁

Which browser are you using?
Please try chrome.
If the problem persists, please share a screenshot of the error in web inspector.

right click on page -> inspect element -> in the bottom pane select console.

  1. Like it says in the note, the preview is only for reference. Please use the slides as the reference.
  2. Also, you need to add a valid URL to save slider. This is counter-intuitive, will be changed in future versions.
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