Static Image Instead Of Slider


I saw a similar post not too long ago. Is the feature to just show a static image instead of a slider available yet on the pagespeed theme? On the other hand, is it possible to even a video playing instead of the slider? Thanks!

We don’t have plans for such feature.
You can achieve what you are looking for with few lines of custom code.

Hi Satish. Can you share with me the lines of code to use? I just paid for the lifetime plan. Thanks!

Add this code to functions.php file in your parent or child theme.

add_action( 'pagespeed_after_header', 'my_custom_image', 15 );

function my_custom_image(){
    global $helium;
       //Different image for mobile. You can use image, video or any custom html here.
        echo '<img src="" class="full">';
        echo '<img src="">';