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I have three websites. A large relatively busy one and two subsidiary websites all running paid Swift.

I have been doing lot of work on my main website over the past few months with Swift and even some help from Satish to implement CDN etc and my own careful checking of which plugins are slow I gradually improved the speed of the website.

When I started the reported google pagespeed was Desktop 75 and Mobile 56
With plugin checks, optimising cache, CDN we got it up to 88 and Mob 72.

It was a whole heap of work. And I was really disappointed with the mobile speed in particular - I just couldn’t crack it.

Was it the Hostgator cloud servers? In the end the answer for that was no.

So when Pagespeed Pro became available I decided to try it on my two smaller websites. I also optimised the plugin choices, but there is no CDN and nothing particularly advanced - just changing the theme to Pagespeed and a bit of a cleanup.

Both of my smaller websites were around 75/56 (desk/mob) but with Pagespeed theme they jumped up to (they are DIY boat websites if anyone is interested) now 98 and 100 pagespeed 99 and 88 pagespeed

Not bad for really just changing the theme and getting rid of the worst plugins for something better. And I don’t have to extend my CDN plan because it is not needed and no fancy hosting.

Going back to the main website which was 88 and 72 and implementing pagespeed theme I was happy to find the numbers were now 99 and 95.

So maybe all my messing around with CDNs and the excellent paid help from Satish wasn’t necessary …

… but then Pagespeed Theme wasn’t available. I’m very happy too that it is pretty standard hosting.

Michael Storer


Hi Michael,
Thanks for sharing your experience with PageSpeed :-).
Your post made my day!!

Google PageSpeed is only a measure of KPI’s, (Key Performance Indexes). They tell you how well your site is optimized. You should continue to use the CDN since they are very cheap and will give you a significant speed improvement. Especially since you have a lot of images.

Satish Gandham


Hi Satish,

Adding CDN to my secondary sites will probably come too.

But for now VERY happy that Pagespeed Theme by itself resolved my speed problems particularly for mobile - particularly with all the talk about mobile first!

Thanks again Satish


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