Swift Premium -> PageSpeed Pro import

  1. Is it possible to import matching settings from Swift to PageSpeed (scripts, logos, backgrounds, colours etc.)? If so, how or do I need to manually copy everything?

  2. Is it possible to utilize [button] and [box] shortcodes left by Swift Premium? If not, can you recommend any plugins that can create similar boxes/buttons as Swift Premium?

  3. Is it possible to hide title/breadcrumb on all pages without doing it individually on every page?

  1. No, they are both very different themes. We can do it as a paid service.
  2. There is a plugin which will remove shortcodes which no longer work. How many posts are we talking about here?
  3. We can include hide breadcrumbs as an option, but hiding the title has to be done either individually or with a child theme.

I Figured out this custom css will hide all auto-titles
.entry-title {display: none;}

I Still have manually added H1s on all pages/posts so is there any downsides to using this code? I’m asking because you seemed hesitant to give a solution.

Google might see it as cloaking. You can replace the content template using a child theme and remove the title in it.

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