Toggle menu on AMP pages


How can I add the toggle menu to AMP pages? I have installed the official AMP plugin but I now the toggle menu is gone. IS the re a way to fix that?




When you use AMP, it removes and alters CSS,JS.
It won’t be possible.

You should use a separate theme for AMP.


Thanks for that. Sorry to ask, but how can I install a separate theme for AMP? I never tried it before. Do I have to adjust sth on your theme to be able to do that?


There are AMP plugins, which ship AMP themes. like AMP fro WP.
Give me this weekend to see what I can do.


Ok, thanks for spending the time with this issue. After installing AMP I reduced my CPU time from 90k seconds to 8k seconds, helping me to avoid a new (and very expensive) upgrade on Siteground. So it has become critical to me.