Updating Page Speed Pro theme


Still not getting any notifications of theme updates and unable to update from within the site. I have Page Speed Pro on 2 sites and it’s a problem on both sites. I have complained about this for a few months but yet no resolution.

This is an ongoing problem that has yet to be resolved for many, many months. I have sent you the login information more than a few times and yet no resolution. Tech support use to be great has fallen dramatically in the last year. If you recall I have been a customer for many, years but am very disappointed.


Hi Art,
I understand your frustration. But, this seems to be a problem with connection between wpengine and our update server. I can not figure out a way around that.

Can you check with your hosting support, if connection to https://updates.swiftthemes.com is blocked anywhere?

You are not just our customer, you have been QA for many years :slight_smile: . I’m really sorry that you are facing this issue and I’m unable to help :frowning:

Hi Satish, just saw this message. Did not get e-mail. I will check with WP Engine.


Just checked with WP Engine and they say they don’t normally block but if I can get the IP address they will check to make sure.

Ask them to check

Hi Art,
Any update?
Can I get ftp credentials for staging?